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Children's Ramadan calendar filled with 30 sweet treats

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Our children’s Ramadan calendars help children feel the magic of Ramadan and get them excited to countdown the days until Eid.

With a truly unique star shape design based on Islamic geometry, our children's Ramadan calendars split into 2 stars with 15 segments in each, which are beautifully illustrated with a Ramadan alphabet. 

This year's children's Ramadan calendars are filled with a selection of:

- Belgian chocolate coated Medjool dates with sesame seeds, nuts and dried fruits

- Turkish delight in 4 flavours including pomegranate, rose, lemon, orange and mastic

- Lebanese nougat and malban coated with nuts

- Halal jelly sweets, candies and marshmallows

All our calendars are designed to be reusable and can be refilled next Ramadan, providing a sustainable option for your children's Ramadan calendar.



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